Trent Tiles

One thing I love about historic homes is the interior details that go into a home. I don’t think you could afford to build a home today like they use to a hundred years ago or more. The cost would just be too high, and the craftsman to do the work don’t exist.

When we were renovating one of the Victorian Queen Anne homes we bought, the double parlor had two of the most beautiful fireplace surrounds I have seen. This was my first experience with Trent Tile Company tiles. It is quite easy to distinguish them from others because the images are amazing. Below is the “God” image I fell in love with. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but if you were to look at it closely, you would find some beautiful work: the eyes have detailed pupils, and his hair has depth to it.

The second fireplace had images of a mother and a child, shown below is the mother. You can see it is just as detailed as well.

Trent also produced tiles of nature scenes, birds, flowers, etc. I have even seen an entire surround of cherubs. (I wish I would have bought it.) Trent was founded in 1882 and closed it’s doors in 1939. If you find some tiles, and they are free standing, that is not attaced to a fireplace mantel, then the words TRENT can be found on the reverse side to help with identification.

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