The Weyerhaeuser Mansion in St. Paul

480 Grand Hill, St. Paul, Minnesota

Designed by William Channing Whitney and built in 1908, this grand Tudor Revival historic home was fashioned for Frederick Weyerhaeuser towards the end of his life (1834-1912). He was a German immigrant from Niedersaulheim, Rhein-Hesse who began his lumber career in Illinois around 1858.

When he first arrived to the States in 1852, he was penniless. He worked as a day laborer in Pennsylvania, married, and a few years later moved to Illinois. There he worked on a railroad as a carter, then at a sawmill and a timber mill. Soon thereafter he acquired both businesses and furthered his holdings, buying up large tracts of land filled with quality timber. He became know in the world as the “Timber King”. Later, he moved his headquarters to St. Paul, MN in 1891 where he quickly became friends with James J. Hill. His accumulation of wealth through hard work is just another example of the great opportunities available in the States, and the dream that is America.

The house sits on a lovely bluff site overlooking St. Paul and has around 11,000 square feet. The woodwork decorating the home is quite beautiful, especially in the large foyer. Probably my favorite feature is the inset fireplace, big enough to fit a few chairs inside to enjoy the warmth of the fire on our cold Minnesota winter nights.

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  1. Marie DuJour says:

    Hi Jennifer! I’ve been silently stalking your blog since I moved to Minnesota and thought I would pop in and say hi!
    I love your pictures and the histories you find on the homes. One day, when I’m rich and famous, I will buy and live in a grand old home. Until then, I will enjoy and fix up my not-so-impressive 1976 Colonial wannabe. ; )


  2. Hello Jennifer, I enjoyed reading your blog and also the picture of the house was very beautiful. I like these old Victorian houses they are not only strong but also have beautiful interior design. This is why I like to see the interiors of these buildings. If you can get the pictures of the interiors of this particular building please update it for everyone.

  3. Mrs4444 says:

    Hello! Yours is an informative, interesting blog. I found it while searching for a tours of historic homes in the Minneapolis area. Twenty years ago, I toured the James Hill House and enjoyed it, so I’m hoping do take a similar tour next week. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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