The Virginia Street Church in St Paul

Located in Ramsey Hill, just a few blocks from downtown St Paul, sits this historic Minnesota church. The Virginia Street Church sit on Virginia Street and was built in 1886 by the famous local architect, Cass Gilbert.

Members of the Church practice the Swedenborgian faith which is based on the theology of a the Scandinavian scientist Emanuel Swedenborg. Their beliefs are represented in the construction materials. For example, the stones which support the structure represent fixed truths which will not change and “solidity of an enduring faith in Jesus Christ”.

The church is very simple, but the architectural details are reminiscent of the Queen Anne Victoria. The church has changed little in the last 121 years of its life, the interior still possesses the terra-cotta painted walls and pine wainscoting. The pews are made of ash and the original lead glass windows are still passing sunlight into the peaceful sanctuary. It even has an old pipe organ that was given to the church in 1919.

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