The Theodore Sheldon Mansion in Red Wing

805 W 4th Street, Red Wing

When driving by this grand historic home in Red Wing, MN, it becomes quite apparent that something just doesn’t seem right. You would be correct to notice that the Italianate looking home has a tower that seems to stand out more than usual for a home of this style. The answer to the mystery is that the third floor is missing.

Built in 1876 for Theodore B Sheldon, the home was designed by St. Paul architect A.M. Radclifff in the French Second Empire style. Born in Massachusetts in 1820, Mr. Sheldon was involved with many business ventures which helped his fortune grow including, mercantile, real estate, grain, transportation, and bank President. He died in 1900.

Home as originally built

Over the years, the home has seen many owners, but has remained in fantastic condition for its age. It is also listed on the National Registry for Historic Places. Sometime around 1960, the owner at the time was unable to finance the repair of the Mansard roof (due to water damage) so he removed the entire third level of the home, forever changing the home from Second Empire to Italianate. While it would cost a great deal to reconstruct the third level, it would be nice to see the exterior of the home returned to its full original splendor.

Picture of the home 1960

Picture of home 1974

5 Responses to “The Theodore Sheldon Mansion in Red Wing”

  1. StPaulSnowman says:

    Just think of the wonderful servants’ quarters and attic spaces which must have been up there…………remuddling can be sad indeed.

  2. I was shocked to hear that they just took the whole thing off. A couple neighbors in Red Wing told me the owner didn’t want to put the money into repair so ripped it off. So sad.

  3. Linda says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little. The 3rd floor is what made it what it was, is what gave it, it’s beauty and grandeur. Now it’s ruined.

  4. Such a wonderful mansion built in the 18s!

    Theodore Sumrall

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