The First Historic Homes of Minnesota Post

I love old homes. Have ever since I was a kid.

Architecture amazes me. I consider it fine art.

Maybe it is the artist in me, but I have always preferred drawing in black and white then painting in color. Black and white gives you different variations of shade that color just doesn’t pick up. People have always been hard for me to draw, so naturally I turned to architecture and sculpture.

Once I discovered the beautiful craftsmanship found in old homes, well, the love affair began. As a real estate agent, I get to see the insides of many historic mansions that the public would never see. I have even renovated a few the last two years.

So this blog is dedicated to historic homes in Minneapolis, St Paul, towns along the Mississippi and St Croix Rivers, and all over rural Minnesota. I will also provide information on local Preservation efforts for your benefit. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions!

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