The Bean Mansion in New Prague

211 2nd Street NW, New Prague

The Bean Family is best know as the founder of International Multifoods. The son of the founder, Francis A. Bean, Jr. had this large Tudor home constructed in 1906. At one time, the property contained a tennis court as well as a rose garden, but sadly, both are no more.

Many of the family papers about the father Francis Bean Sr and his son are kept with the Minnesota Historical society. The father was originally from Massachusetts, moving to Minnesota in 1855.

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  1. Michael Stopski (Sr) says:

    Hello, I am/was a good friend of Jerry F. For several years I did the maintenance on the Bean House. Jerry was one for always losing his keys to his antique shops and the Bean home. I carried a full set of keys so as when he would loose his keys, he would then call me on me to make him another set. I spent a lot of time doing upkeeps in the Bean home. I sure do “still” mis him. Mike.

  2. Tara Kaisershot says:

    Hi Michael Stopski. I am putting any history I can add to the Bean family and the New Prague flour mill. After it closed after 123 years..some of ladies are putting things together to add to historic society because we have loved ones who have worked over 40 years at mill. Is their anything that you could add about the Bean mansion and everything. Please let me know. Thank you so very much.

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