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The Northome Stone Arch

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020
Northome Stone Arch, Deephaven, MN

In an area of Deephaven known mostly to locals is a stone arch rising out of the trees as you drive through a quite neighborhood. On a historic plaque and online photo database, it is stated that the arch was built in 1906 by the German stonemason Florian Huber and that the original double arch was the entrance to the “Cedarhurst” and “Pinecrest” estates. It also states that in 1925, the left arch was removed to make way for larger vehicles, and in 1939, was deeded to the city of Deephaven. BUT according to a historic photo and the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Historical Society, the arch was built in the 1870s and was the entrance to the “Northome” mansion built for Charles Gibson, with only one arch.

Original appearance of Northome Stone Arch

While structures like this rarely survive, the dedication to restore the arch in 1986 has helped keep the history of the area alive for future generations.

When the “Northome” mansion burned in 1894, it was replaced by two homes.”Cedarhurst” was built for Russell M Bennett in 1901 and was a two story classic revival home. “Pinecrest” was owned by Joseph E. Clifford. A photo taken in 1904 shows the shoreline of Northome with similar stone structures in a retaining wall.