Sibling Italianate Homes in Winona Minnesota

259 Broadway St. E, Winona, Minnesota

The original large brackets at the eave which used to dominate the cornice of this Italianate historic house have since been removed. Hard to see in this photo, but if you zoom into the decorative band below the eave, you can see how trim has been added to repair the removal of the brackets. Amazingly the cupola still remains, where on the sister house, it has since been removed.

The most notable feature on both houses is the gambrel shaped gable on the front facade which is borrowed from colonial styled homes.

The window hoods on this home are very decorative and truly unique.

277 Broadway St. E, Winona, Minnesota

The cupola for this home, as I can only assume there was one because of its sister next door, has since been removed. However thankfully the large eave brackets are still intact, and give us proof of what the brackets would have looked like on the home next door. An interesting detail is that while both homes have the front entrance in the same location, the chimneys are on opposite sides of the floor plan.

A photo of the home as it looked in 1973

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