Locust Lodge in Frontenac

29133 Garrard Ave, Frontenac signed 
29133 Garrard Avenue, Frontenac

Built around 1853, this beautiful example of a Greek Revival  home is quietly tucked away behind a row of trees, and at one time had grand views of the Mississippi River.  The local village was layed out by the original owner Evert Westervelt, comprising of 320 acres purchased from the wives of Jane Wells and Elizabeth Faribault, and properly named Westervelt. In 1859, the town was renamed Frontenac  in honor of Louis de Buade de Frontenac, governor general of Canada between 1670-1698.

Since Mr. Westervelt owned the land, he cut out six large lots of six acres each above the river, and built the first large home of the area in 1853 on the best lot. The first of its kind for the area, the home’s dolomite stone foundation was from the local quarry and most of the mill work was shipped in from out East. The home was named Locust Lodge by the owner for the locust trees on the land.

29133 Garrard Ave, Frontenac

In the photo above you can visualize the details common with Greek Revival – corners of Doric pilasters, decorative frieze with dentils, 6 over 6 window sash, and a gable will full pediment. Around 1900, a one-story addition was added to the rear of the home for a kitchen and bathroom.

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8 Responses to “Locust Lodge in Frontenac”

  1. john savage says:

    question about this home.(Locust Lodge in Frontenac) we were driving by the area and saw this home. is it for sale and if so how much and are there any photos of the inside?

  2. Jerry Ayres says:

    Who owns the property and how may I contact them?

    • Priscilla Flynn says:

      Margaret Antiblion of Boston,Mass. The home has been unoccupied for many years. I’m a neighbor and would love to see someone restore the home. Good luck!

      • Gretchen says:

        Does the owner have anyone keeping up this historic home? I fear it will rot away. Is there a caretaker or is any one in touch with Margaret Antiblion, the owner?


  3. Gretchen says:

    Is Antiblion the correct spelling of the owner’s surname?

  4. John Ryan says:

    Her correct spelling is Margaret Antiblian. I have contacted her and she rebuffs any help or inquries on the house. She is also found on Facebook.

    • Abbey says:

      That’s so sad! When you say “rebuff” do you mean she just isn’t interested or does she seem irritated/hostile? I would love to contact her, but will refrain if it’s something that would upset her.

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