Kees and Colburn Designed Home in Minneapolis

2008 Pillsbury Ave S, Minneapolis

Built in 1905 for Samuel J. Hewson, this home was designed by the Minneapolis firm of Kees and Colburn, with the interior of the home designed by John S. Bradstreet. Mr. Hewson worked for the Menomonie Hydraulic Press Brick Company in the late 1880’s and then later incorporated The Minnesota Paving Brick Company in 1908.

Interior decorator John Bradstreet was known for his Arts and Craft design, incorporating into the home a willow tree design on the fireplace surround tiles and leaded glass cabinet doors.

The home was recently put on the Minnesota Preservation Alliance 10 Most Endangered Places 2010 due to the fact the home was a foreclosure and left vacant. The homeowners tried stripping the place of all its decorative and historic elements to sell them at an estate sale before the bank took back the property. Luckily, they were discovered and stopped! The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission then took steps to designate the property as a Minneapolis landmark protecting it while a designation study was completed. The house has since been put up for sale and looks to have sold to a new owner!

The house in 1914 and in 1974. Kees and Colburn also designed this home on Mount Curve. If you look at the porch pillars of each home, you can see the similar design in the drip molding.

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