Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Stillwater

I am sure there are plenty of people living in Minnesota that have no idea we have an architectural gem for sale in Stillwater, designed by none other than the infamous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

10121 83rd Street N, Stillwater, MN

Known as the Donald and Virginia Lovness estate in Stillwater, Minnesota, the home sits on 20 acres of lakefront, featuring a 2 bedroom home, as well as a small cottage. The home was completed around 1957 and was personally built by the Lovness family. They also had Mr. Wright design furniture and light fixtures, all included with the sale of the home. I have to say that the stone fireplaces in both buildings are absolutely stunning!

Built of Wisconsin dolomite stone and Fir wood, the home is now called the “Studio”, setting it apart from the 800 square foot “Cottage” (pictured above) just a few yards away that was completed in the late 1970’s. Wright also left plans for three additional cottages, which also are included with the sale of the home and await the new owner to finish.

Mr. Lovness died in 2001 and is survived by his wife, who sadly is selling her dream home. Being the original owner, she and her husband have meticulously maintained the home over the years, which shows as soon as you step onto the property. For all this tranquility, it won’t cost you much – the current list price is $2.4 Million, listed with Lakes Sotheby’s Realty.

If you would like more information on the home, or are an interested buyer, please feel free to contact me anytime!

View 360 of Studio Exterior

View 360 of Studio Interior

View 306 of Cottage Exterior

View 360 of Cottage Interior

4 Responses to “Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Stillwater”

  1. Tracy Price says:

    My mom became friends with Virginia &Don Loveness through Virginia she loved shopping at Banks in Minneapolis ( which is no longer there) this was a while ago. My mom was the MManager at Banks & Virginia and my mom hit it off became friends. The whole family got invited for an evening at Loveness home. It was in Stillwater and I never realized at that time their home was an original Frank Lloyd Wright home. I just remember thinking Wow what a cool home & the furniture was amazing. We had a fabulous dinner prepared by Virginia. Our evening with them was incredible. They shared so many true stories. Virginia and Don were the nicest people.

  2. Tanisha says:

    I am friends with the mother of someone who rented this house. We spent one Friday morning there and it really is an amazing home. I don’t know if this is allowed, but we took lots of photos of the home.
    If you’d like to see them, here is a link…

  3. Enzo Morelli says:

    I am an Architect and a great admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright—-just wondering if the estate was sold…..
    I came through Minneapolis, on a school trip in the late ‘6o’s (— from the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg).
    Wish I had known about the Lovness estate then— I would have detoured, and knocked on their door……great opus !!!
    Best thoughts from Canada

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