First United Methodist Church in Red Wing

403 East Avenue, Red Wing

The First Methodist Church of Red Wing was founded in 1853 and had a Greek Revival styled church constructed in 1858. One year later the church was damaged by a storm, and a new church was constructed on site in 1860. The Second Methodist Church of Red Wing survived until 1907 when it was destroyed by fire three days before Christmas. It took two years to construct the current structure (the Third Methodist Church now know as the First United Methodist Church) which was dedicated December 1909.

During the 1909 dedication, a times capsule was created by the congregation and placed behind the corner stone cap. One hundred years later, in 2009, the capsule was opened to reveal newspaper clippings, a hymnal, and a bible (just to name a few). The church was rededicated and a new time capsule was created with items chosen by the current congregation.
Learn more about the history of this church, including old photos of the First and Second Methodist buildings, and photos of the time capsule contents at the church website.
The current church was built with local quarried stone and has some beautiful gothic features, as seen in the above photo.

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