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Victorians in Pensacola

Friday, October 15th, 2010

We recently traveled back to Pensacola to visit friends and family, having lived in Pensacola for three years not too long ago. One thing I loved about the area was the numerous Victorian homes still standing in downtown, and in the surrounding historic districts.

The most notable difference in Queen Anne historic homes in Pensacola from those in Minnesota, is the front double porch. I love this style, and took some photos while I was walking the neighborhood so my readers could see what I am talking about. Not only do you get a covered area to enjoy the day, the views from the upper porch are fantastic.

You’ll also notice the floor-to-ceiling windows, roughly the same height as the doors. This was done so people could open the window and walk out onto the porch from their rooms. The reason they chose windows, instead of additional doors, is because at the time, homes were taxed based on the number of doors they had entering a home. By making the openings into large windows, they avoided the tax!

Some Old Homes are Simple

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Lovers of historic homes can easily tell you which styles they like the best. Those with grand details and ornamentation usually make the top of the list. However there are those old homes that stand out every now and then, not because they fit into the high Victorian decoration, but because they are simple in design and sometimes just sit in the perfect location.

Take for instance this quaint Gothic Revival home that sits on the banks of the Mississippi River in Lansing, Iowa. I love this home. It is perfectly situated just a hundred yards or so from the river, and the white siding (not original) goes perfectly with the touch of green on the trim. I don’t know anything about this house, but you can tell it is loved and taken care of by the current owner. Who wouldn’t want to sit out on the wrap around porch every summer evening and watch the river traffic go by? Sometimes the simple homes are the most enjoyable.

Fantastic Architectural Detail in Des Plaines, Illinois

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

I traveled to Des Plaines, Illinois this week while visiting family in Chicago, and came across the Des Plaines Theater. It has some amazing architectural details influenced by the Art Deco period along the top of the building’s exterior.

Designed in 1925 by architect William B. Betts, the building was built to house the Polka Brothers Chicago circuit, held nearly 1000 people, and had a stage and orchestra pit. As you can see from this photo dated 1925, there were originally pillars on top of each little dome of the roof ridge line.

Greek Revival Historic Home in Prescott

Friday, April 10th, 2009
606 North Lake Street, Prescott, WI

Today I was traveling through Prescott, Wisconsin to list a home for sale and I came across a great representation of the Greek Revival style. Built in 1854 by Hilton Doe, the home sits just off the St. Croix River, and probably at that time, had an even better view of the river (no houses in front of it). Mr. Doe was apparently a pioneer of the area, with the home remaining in the Doe family until 1867. Around 1895, Julius Knoblach acquired the property and the home was in his family for the next 57 years. In 1994, the home was restored and looks fantastic for its age.