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Historic Floor Tiles and Patterns

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
I was in a historic home the other day where each bathroom had different floor tile.
 This tile pattern is typical of a 1930’s home giving me a clue that this could possibly be a bathroom addition not original to the home, or a renovation during that time period.

 Both of these are Hexagon Patterns

For the Restoration Fanatic in All of Us

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

If there is one bit of advice I can give then it is to stay away from stores that offer historic looking replicas of hardware. They are evil places, built to lure you into their showroom, wanting to temp you into falling in love with their products. STAY AWAY!

Ok, maybe I am exaggerating. But honestly, one of my favorite stores is the one I stay away from. I remember when they first came to Indianapolis, over 10 years ago, and I was amazed by their product line. Mixing in the old with new design was something I had not seen. Their concept was revolutionary…so who are they? Restoration Hardware, of course.

I guess the concept I like the best is the old looking products they offer, perfect for when you want to update your old home. They also offer very modern designs which allow you to bring a historic home into the 21st century. But either way you go, I stay away because I could browse there for hours. I could also walk out having spent tons of money on things I don’t need, well, at least not right now. If you are remodeling a home, or completely restoring one, check out this store for some great ideas.

If you are brave, and bring your check book with you, have fun shopping. We are lucky to have the only two locations in Minnesota, here in the Twin Cities:

  • 3670 Galleria, Edina
  • 791 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul