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Masonry Historic Home in Dayton’s Bluff

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

762 East 6th Street, Saint Paul

This interesting masonry home was built around 1889 by Andrew J. Hoban, a local stonemason. While it is quite easy to walk right by this home on 6th Street as there is nothing “grand” about it, careful inspection of the home will show some unique features. I have noted these in the photos which include the large limestone voussoir over the front windows, the long side brackets on one side of the home, and the brick oriel window on the west side. A home completely built of brick is also rare for the area, as many homes are more Victorian in design.

Romantic Victorian in Dayton’s Bluff

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009
732 Margaret Street, Saint Paul

Built in 1891 by Hermann Kretz, a well known architect in the area, the home was designed for the Henry Defiel family. Mr. Defiel owned the People’s Ice Company, obtaining ice in the winter from Lake Minnetonka and White Bear Lake.

The architectural detail in this Queen Anne Victorian is unique since the exterior is constructed of brick. The masonry touches, as seen in the oval windows on the front of the home, give the home a slightly romantic feel. The home has roughly 4000 square feet and is located in Dayton’s Bluff.