Blue Queen Anne in Saint Paul

431 Ashland Ave, Saint Paul

Built in 1890 by Ole Ask, this beautiful home is one of my favorites on Ashland. I am not sure if it is the perfect shade of blue that does it for me, or the white gingerbread trim around the house, but the home just stands out on its street. Amazingly, according to Larry Millett, the home was originally built at 825 Dayton Ave, and was moved to this location in 1977.
Here is a photo of the house that use to stand at 431 Ashland Ave.

6 Responses to “Blue Queen Anne in Saint Paul”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wedgewood blue?

    Was the porch restored? By whom?

    Historic Saint Paul, believe has a good program which funds such restorations.

  2. William says:

    wow, much better than the last paint job! And built for a mere $5000… can you imagine?

  3. Anon – Yes, it does look like Wedgewood Blue, especially with the white trim.

  4. CinnabarBlue says:

    This home is lovely. We are looking for a historic home and garden to hold a small wedding reception. Does Queen Anne in Saint Paul, rent for small parties?

  5. Chris says:

    Do you know anything about the architect of this home? I am researching on old “pattern book” architect and this home has many similarities to his work. Please email me at Thanks.

  6. The only thing I know is that the builder is Ole Ask who could have taken the design from a pattern book.

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