A Simple Victorian Being Restored

I have driven by this house quite often in Saint Paul over the last year. It was a multi-unit building up for sale, and being a Realtor, I have watched its progress on the market. Finally, in April, the home sold at a very cheap price. It has always been my suspicion that the original siding was still on the home.

Yesterday I drove by the home to find an exciting site. The new owners are in the process of restoring this simple, but soon to be beautiful Victorian. I love it when the original trim work and decoration lays hidden because it gives the restorer the design template often destroyed as historic homes fall into neglect. It also quite often offers clues on the original porch design, as you can tell by color variations on the wood where the porch roof line fell. Below is a photo of what they have uncovered for decorative trim.

Hopefully within the next year, we will see a final product, and another old home thankfully saved!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This house while still a multi family has changed so much! These homes were known as Keller Row and were a very early subdivision of the 1880s. 3 of the houses are of this turret style and the other 5 are in another same style. 2 of the other turreted houses have been restored or are in process so this one needs a loving owner to purchase and turn into a single family or duplex. Thanks for writing this blog!

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