Preservation Groups

Preserve Minneapolis

Preserve Minneapolis is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Minneapolis by recognizing, preserving, and revitalizing the architectural and related cultural resources of the city of Minneapolis. They host some fantastic architectural tours too!

Preservation Alliance of Minnesota

The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota (PAM) is the only statewide organization preserving our historic resources.

Why do we do what we do? Preservation is sustainable, beautiful and economically sound, yet our state has already lost many irreplaceable structures. Through our programs, PAM unites people, businesses and neighborhoods to enhance communities by protecting and promoting old buildings.  If you own an old home, care about the environment, enjoy restaurants housed in historic buildings, or appreciate the unique character that original structures bring to your city or town, you believe in preservation.

Historic St. Paul

Our mission is to preserve, protect and enhance the historic character of Saint Paul neighborhoods. Historic Saint Paul works in partnership with private owners, community organizations, and public agencies to leverage Saint Paul’s cultural and historic resources as assets in economic development and community building initiatives.

Ramsey Hill Association

Dedicated to preserving the historical significance of the Ramsey Hill neighborhood in St. Paul and building a stronger community, the Ramsey Hill Association provides a voice to to the residents of this unique neighborhood by working with state and local government agencies representing the interests of the Ramsey Hill area.

Summit Avenue Residential Preservation Association

The Summit Avenue Residential Preservation Association (SARPA) is dedicated to the preservation of the historic, residential, and urban park character of Summit Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

St. Paul Heritage Preservation Commission

The Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) serves as an advisory body to the Mayor and the City Council on municipal heritage preservation matters. It was created by city ordinance in 1976 to protect and promote the heritage of the City of Saint Paul.

Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission

The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) was formed in 1972 to serve as a citizen advisory body to the Minneapolis City Council. The HPC is part of a nation-wide network of groups dedicated to the preservation and celebration of our local and national heritage. The Commission holds public hearings on matters related to preservation twice each month. These meetings are specifically held in so that the commission can hear from the public on matters related to heritage preservation. The public is welcome to attend and highly encouraged to participate

Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office

Located in the Society’s Historic Preservation, Field Services and Grants Department, the SHPO fulfills its mission to preserve and promote Minnesota history by working to:

  • Identify, evaluate, register and protect Minnesota’s historic and archaeological properties,
  • Encourage the development of local history organizations and activities, and
  • Assist government agencies in carrying out their historic preservation responsibilities.

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